G-Zen: Food is Love


Our Philosophy & Healthy Approach

G-Zen is an organic, vegan, sustainable restaurant designed to meet the discriminating tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The food is thoughtfully prepared and hand crafted from scratch daily with mindfulness and much love from our incredible G-Zen culinary team. 

We use the highest quality plant-based ingredients and support local farmers and small green- sustainable businesses. Our ingredients are grown Locally, 100% Organic and Fair-Trade. We refrain from using excess ingredients and absolutely no refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, table salt and no GMO corn or soy products of any kind. We cater to people who are dairy intolerant and have gluten sensitivities. We support businesses that believe in the same integrity and standards of excellence that we strive for.

 We are passionate about serving foods that we ourselves love to eat and feel good about eating. Our menu combines a variety of gourmet vegetarian culinary delights and Live & Raw dishes with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients. We are determined to change what people think about vegetarian food and to create sensual, tantalizing dishes that will never be boring to the taste buds while being caring to the environment & animal friendly at the same time.


As water is one of the most essential elements in our lives, it is a high priority that our water taste good and is free of chlorine, bacteria, and all metals. We have designed a special system that filters the water at G-Zen in three different ways. This is the water used throughout the restaurant and for all soups, broths, cooking, coffee & tea and of coarse your still drinking water served at table.


Our wine list offers unusual selections from small wineries around the world that use organic or biodynamic practices for their vineyards and/or winemaking. These producers believe that the only way to grow grapes for the long term is by working with nature, not using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in their vineyards, and incorporating sustainable methods in their winemaking. These wineries experiment with unusual grape varietals and winemaking methods to produce wines that are both flavorful and interesting. All of the wines are stored in our wine cellar, built with old recycled wood in our basement.

Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

A locally owned coffee roaster called Bean & Leaf roasts our custom Zen Blend coffee weekly. The organic beans, bought exclusively from small farmer-owned cooperatives throughout Central and South America, are shade grown under the forest canopy, which helps protect local forests as well as provide a natural habitat for birds. The beans are 100 percent certified and fair trade.

Numi Tea supplies us with certified organic and fair-trade teas. These are served in cast-iron pots lined with enamel, which prevents the tea flavors from seeping into the pots over time.

After years of searching, we have finally found sources in South America for certified organic chocolate. Our entire Raw cacao, cacao butters are all sourced from a fair trade, certified organic farm in Peru.