About G-Monkey


PETA names G-Monkey top 5 Vegan food trucks in America and featured in the VegNews magazine

G-Monkey was named the Nation’s First Fully Vegan & Sustainable food truck as of its launch in 2011. The eco-truck founded by G-Zen owners Chef Mark Shadle & Chef Ami Beach was catapulted into stardom with its devoted fans since it first hit the streets. Serving “Farm to Street™” vegan & organic food to the masses, farmers markets in the Greater Hartford and New Haven areas and hitting everywhere in between. The multi Award-winning truck has been featured on the News locally and nationally on NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN and has quickly become a favorite to many thousands of devoted G-monks (fans of G-Monkey) who anxiously wait to hear where their beloved vegan mobile will be popping up next.

“The ingredients that go into our dishes are of the same top-notch quality and freshness of the ingredients at fine restaurants, but even better because we source 100 organic & local ingredients only for the truck” explains Chef Mark, who has more than 20 years extensive gourmet vegan restaurant experience. “Our goal is to break any stereotypes of typical street vending foods and redefine them in a totally green, provocative, and innovative way.”

“We are passionate about delivering fresh, eco-street food that is pure and delicious, and we’ll never skimp on the integrity of ingredients or taste. We handcraft our food daily from scratch. Our mantra is to serve delicious, healthy and eclectic food that honors the environment and harms not a single animal in the making. Our goal is to make food you love and food that makes you feel good. It’s that simple.”

The truck runs fully on Bio diesel fuel that is made from converting organic vegetable oil into a clean energy source. In support of their Green initiative, the truck also uses all biodegradable, vegetable based plates, napkins, utensils ect and by implementing recycling and composting of kitchen food scraps, that are brought back to Shadle Farm, the solar powered farm in Durham CT, known as G-Monkey Headquarters.

G-Monkey is available year round for catering, weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers as well as for educational purposes to help spread awareness in the school systems about the importance of organic and plant-based nutrition.

Visit us at GMonkeyFastFood.com